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Franchise Case for a Coaching Institution

The unit was inaugurated in 2018 in Boston and, in its first year, achieved great success thanks to strong “pent-up demand” and solid referrals. However, challenges soon emerged for a company exploring a completely different market without prior preparation!

No initial study was done on the persona, the sales funnel, or the market. There was no budget for local marketing investment or even brand recognition. The unit did not have its own website, and the company, specializing in the sale of in-person training, also had to face the pandemic and the lockdown period!

To overcome these challenges, our first step was to develop a brand internationalization plan to give the headquarters greater visibility into the real challenges faced by the franchisee and to study and develop all the essential strategic documentation to support our next actions.

Next, we implemented various digital marketing strategies, such as online events with sales pitches, digital lead magnets for lead capture and base building, marketing automations for lead nurturing and conversion, personalized ads for the local persona, and much more.

As a result, the unit, which was generating around USD 40,000 per month, reached record numbers in lead acquisition, peaked at USD 400,000 in online training sales, ranked in the TOP 3 among over 25 national and international units worldwide, and sold USD 900,000 in personal development products during our first year of operation.

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