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Quando se trata de Inbound Marketing, as redes sociais são importantes canais para a eficácia estratégia. Um serviço completo de Social Media precisa de planejamento, estratégia, análise de dados e outras expertises que apenas profissionais altamente capacitados são aptos para realizar com excelência.

What is social media management like?

Having a real and strategic plan is not just necessary, it’s an obligation for those looking to grow their business in the digital realm. Social media has revolutionized the business world and become key components for any company. Karis’s Social Media team is comprehensive, staffed with highly skilled professionals to manage all aspects of your company’s accounts. This branch of our consulting service ensures that all planned activities are effectively executed. They handle scheduling posts in all ideal formats for your company and oversee the metrics and strategy management. Digital media encompasses both organic and paid movements within this realm, from social media posts to paid advertisements. The sphere of Social Media Management handles all the organic aspects of these channels.
Gestão de Mídias Sociais

What are the advantages of hiring a social media manager?

As one of the main pillars of Inbound Marketing strategy, when executed with excellence, Social Media can deliver incredible results for your business, from assisting in capturing potential customers to maintaining brand identity (Branding). The benefits your business can enjoy with Social Media services are numerous, but here are the key ones highlighted by our own clients:
Quick platform updates Having a Social Media professional working for your company ensures swift updates across all channels, including social media and even your website’s blog. They are responsible for managing these social media platforms and ensure each one is updated quickly and effectively!
Data analysis and Dashboards Having a strategy in place is meaningless without proper measurement. The Social Media Manager extracts the most relevant data for your company based on the strategy’s objectives and conducts an analysis. Metrics validate the efforts and through dashboards, indicate the paths to be followed.
Increases your brand’s reach With a well-implemented strategy and a presence on channels that resonate with your persona, engaging in dialogue becomes easier. By making informed choices, your brand reaches more people interested in your market. Therefore, effective management of key social media platforms in an Inbound strategy enables easier access and better communication with the ideal buyer persona for your business.

What are the objectives outlined by social media?

When planning your path in digital media, the objectives for each channel are outlined according to the strategy adopted by the company. These may include:
Nosso time de Social Media trabalha diretamente com o time de Planejamento e Estratégia e também com o time de Conteudistas, possibilitando o monitoramento mais rápido das ações e as atualizações sendo realizadas de forma mais rápido. Quer saber mais como a Gestão de Mídias Sociais pode potencializar os resultados do seu negócio? Entre em contato conosco!

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