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E-books, also known as digital books, are an excellent way to deliver content to your company’s clients and potential clients, while collecting important personal data such as phone numbers, names, and email addresses in exchange.


Digital books remain popular in marketing strategies as they are an excellent tool for lead generation. Unlike traditional books, these can be read on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and at any time. With a format larger than other content dissemination methods, e-books delve deeper into topics. Through this digital lure, the company expands its audience and enhances its authority within the market.
It’s important that they are well-produced and tailored specifically to the ideal persona profile, as, in addition to establishing authority and increasing the lead base, e-books can also help:


Through extensive initial research conducted in our consulting process, we begin planning to understand the best approach to increase the client’s lead base:
  • We define the theme according to a primary pain point of the persona;
  • We plan the structure of the e-book, outlining what will be covered in each module/chapter;
  • We research what is currently being addressed in the market;
  • We produce exclusive and valuable content;
  • We grammatically revise this content;
  • We create a unique design aligned with the client’s Visual Identity, considering Customer Experience as well;
  • We create an exclusive Landing Page for capturing leads interested in the free material;
  • We finalize the material in collaboration with the client.
This way, we ensure that the final product directly engages potential clients, conveys the brand essence, and generates conversions.


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