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Pause to think about the most common brands in your daily life. They are usually easily recognized, whether by the color of the packaging, the logo design, the scent, the distinctive sound, or even by the name itself. These brands have created a universe around them, crucial for their differentiation in the market. This universe is what we call Branding, a marketing strategy (Brand Management) aimed at making the brand more familiar to the public through the materialization of its purpose, goals, and values.

Now, let’s understand how Karis executes this work.

What is Branding?

Brand management encompasses all the actions and elements that a brand undertakes to convey its essence and connect with its audience. According to one of the most relevant names in branding, Wally Olins, “Branding [is] persuading those outside to buy and persuading those inside to believe.” In other words, this strategy aims to maintain the brand so that new customers arrive and current ones remain and become loyal.


What if I don't invest in branding for my business?

This is a common question about branding that can leave many entrepreneurs confused. Investing in branding is investing in differentiation. Therefore, if this area is not relevant, the business is just another one in the segment. Aligned with other marketing strategies, branding can also attract, win over, and retain your company’s ideal customers.

Investing in branding for your business can:

Add value to your business: Your brand can become the greatest asset of your business, even more so than your products or services. It’s a misconception to think that this is a privilege reserved only for large companies! Small businesses need to create value through their brand to gain authority and relevance in the market.

Attract and retain more customers: Humans are highly visual beings, and our tendency is to buy what is visually appealing. Your brand, with a well-planned, structured, and executed branding strategy, attracts more customers and can even contribute to their loyalty.

Build brand recognition: A recognized brand is worth much more than any other. Recognition is synonymous with consolidation! It is through branding and visual identity that customers can distinguish your brand from competitors.

But how do you do branding?

You’ve understood what branding is and its importance for your business. But how do you apply it? Here at Karis, we have a complete process for building branding strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. We create the brand, visual identity, and all the necessary materials for this new phase of your company!

Therefore, branding is this set of actions and elements that form the brand and assist in its management — regardless of its size, whether it’s a large or small company — aiming to create identification and differentiation in the market.

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