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A super english sentence once said: “When the sea is calm, any boat sails well”. And how can we define our trajectory so far without remembering the marks the “rough sea” left? The challenges and incidents that have strengthened us and still drive us to grow in support with two valuable words: resilience and trust.

We’ve come this far helping many companies, and we want you on our side. With resilience and trust, we build consultancies and launches that have won and still win the digital world. Our biggest achievement is the excellence of our partners. This is the case of Banco de Franquias, in Brazil. In 2017, we created and developed the marketing and market intelligence department from scratch—with R$1 million in foreign investments and participation in the Shark Tank program.

The same happened with FEBRACIS —Systemic Integral Coaching— in Boston. In 12 months, we also created and developed the marketing and market intelligence department from scratch. We studied the company’s internationalization with the focus of reaching Brazilians here in the United States, and it had R$4.8 million in sales and multiple 6 in 7 (6 digits in 7 days) launches. Amazing, isn’t it?

We hope the same success for you and your business.

And how have we come this far?

Karis was born in the chaos of the steel crisis in Brazil, in 2015, when its founder, Suelen Alves, was fired from her dream job. Since then, we have proved every day that extraordinary things come from the worst moments. It is with the daily exercise of extracting light from bad events for something better that we define our dream.


We want to transform Internet Marketing into something accessible. We want to make our crafted and strategically executed content reach people everywhere and in different places and ways.

Our name

Analyze the foundation of our name


Foremost, Karis was born in the heart of Christ. It is a Greek word that means grace, favor/undeserved gift from Him! 

In her private moment with God, our founder clearly understood that it would be a new time in her life!  

A time to use her talents, gifts, and intellect for things that would glorify His name, a new time of entrepreneurship and grace! 

Receiving this message from God, she started to think about how to start a consulting company, combining both her knowledge from more than 10 years in the market and the desire to implement strategies for small and medium companies that were only seen in big ones! 

GRACE and its meaning stayed “stuck” in her mind until she started to consider the word itself as a name. As the word “GRACE” would sound kind of awkward for a marketing company, she searched for its origin in Greek and found “chári”: this word phonetically adapted with the “S” in the end became KARIS! 

Karis is a particular promise of redemption in the professional field of transformation, growth, and entrepreneurship, just as JESUS CHRIST (God’s own grace and undeserved favor for humanity) is the promise of redemption, transformation, and growth for human life! 

“For from Him, through Him, and for Him are absolutely all things, to Him be the glory forever, AMEN!” 
Romans 11:36. 

“For from Him, through Him, and for Him are absolutely all things, to Him be the glory forever, AMEN!” 
Romans 11:36. 


Combining the marketing variables: branding, design, advertising through surgical methodology and strategy, creating authority, and providing our clients with consistent and extraordinary results. 


To be a company recognized nationally and internationally for the balance between creativity and positive numbers, speed and assertiveness, innovation and profit, creating brands and projects that impact the world in a consistent, collaborative, and purposeful manner. 


Do differently what everyone else does the same, win the heart and affection of future consumers, take advantage of the opportunities brought by crises, a virtuous cycle of a prosperity mindset, customer success is our success, smarketing & vendarketing, effective communication, focus on the solution, unconditional and absolute respect for people, self-responsibility, empathy, and patience

– Results are all our business is about
– It’s only good for us if it’s good for the customer
– We are self-responsible and we love feedback

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