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Professional retail operator, specialist in developing and operating globally recognized stores and brands.

In simplified terms, the client attracts investors who wish to financially invest in “franchise lots” of one of their renowned operating brands, such as Adidas or Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), providing investors the opportunity to invest without getting directly involved.

The biggest challenges faced were the lack of a defined persona/target audience, no market credibility yet, no digital presence, and no flow for attracting/nurturing potential investors! Consequently, the sales area exerted a lot of effort on cold prospecting, and there was disorganization and excessive costs in launching/opening new franchises for the KFC and Adidas brands.

To address these obstacles, we proposed a collaboration between the sales and marketing teams to develop a market strategy focused on attracting new qualified leads to initiate dialogues and later convert them through the sales area. Additionally, we created campaigns to nurture the leads that didn’t close, aiming to convert them in the medium/short term and worked on brand positioning in the best channels to attract investors with higher financial capacity.

As a result of our actions, we achieved brand recognition through participation in the Shark Tank Brazil program, secured an investment of R$350,000 for one of the brands created by the group, which was also unknown in the market at the time, and additionally raised R$1 million in new investments. We expanded our portfolio by attracting new investors with an extremely low budget.

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