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Strategic Digital Marketing:
With presence in Brazil and the USA, we are ready to increase your visibilidade, company's visibility, lead generation, and sales.

At Karis we don’t just provide marketing consultancy. We are your internal marketing and sales team, working alongside you to achieve your goals as if they were our own.
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Among the top 4%
in Brazil
and the world!
Our place among the top 4% of marketing consultancies worldwide as a Google Partner is the result of our unique partnership process with our clients.
Get to know Karis
RD Station Partner:
Outbound Marketing
and Email Marketing
In short, we specialize in outbound marketing strategies and high-impact email marketing campaigns. We act as partners in your business, working alongside you to achieve and exceed your goals through email marketing and sales.
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Schedule your strategic digital marketing session

This way you can schedule a free strategic session and discover how our marketing consultancy can boost your success. In fact, we will identify your challenges and offer personalized solutions to elevate your business. personalizadas para alavancar o seu negócio.

Much more than
an agency:
"Beyond marketing consultancy"

In other words, we go against the grain of the traditional
market by being a complete strategic consultancy in
Marketing and Market Intelligence, yet with all the
operational delivery of a Marketing Agency.

That’s why we are a comprehensive marketing consultancy
that works for your business as if it were our own.

12 million

$12,500,000 million dollars in revenue in the last year


We help Brazilians sell more anywhere in the world

70 million

Over R$70 million in Generated Sales in the last 4 years!

20 years

Experience and expertise of over 20 years!

Karis vs. Traditional Agencies:

The Differential in Strategic Marketing

Discover how Karis sets itself apart from conventional agencies. While traditional agencies treat you as just another client, our marketing consultancy actually provides a personalized approach, committed to your results.

Karis vs. Conventional Agency





We understand you and your customers

That’s why at Karis, we speak the language of your business and your customers. We don’t just offer marketing consultancy we are strategic partners committed to your results.

We don't sell task execution


Strategic Collaboration
for Mutual Success

At Karis, we share the responsibility of generating results. Moreover, we work alongside you to achieve your goals, leveraging resources and ensuring success in the shortest time possible.

Next, discover our results

125 New Clients in 15 Days:

For a marble company, according to Google ranking techniques.

9 Daily Contacts from Potential Buyers:

For a real estate agency, through paid advertising on social media.

Revenue of a Course Company Increased Tenfold:

During the pandemic, through assertive actions based on market understanding.

53 Calls from New Clients:

For a vehicle maintenance company, shortly after rebranding and increased traffic.

What can we do for you beyond marketing consultancy?

This is our strategic digital marketing for Brazilians who want to sell more worldwide:

Inbound Marketing:
Attract, engage, and convert

Discover how to attract, engage, and convert potential customers organically and through paid means, creating relevant content and establishing genuine relationships.

Outbound Marketing
We are B2B experts!

We will expand your sales with proactive strategies such as CRM management, email campaigns, and personalized approaches to optimize your commercial marketing operations.

Marketing 360:
Integrating marketing and sales

In short, we provide you with a comprehensive and integrated view of your marketing and sales, combining online and offline strategies to effectively achieve your business goals.

Branding Marketing:
Building a strong brand

We build a strong and differentiated brand identity so that you stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Launch Your Infoproduct with Karis

Enhance Your Digital Launch Strategy

We are strategic partners committed to driving the success of our clients.With our unique co-production approach, we help you launch your infoproducts, including mentorships, courses, and live events.


In summary, we work closely with you to develop and launch your infoproducts, leveraging our expertise in strategic digital marketing.


From personalized mentorships to recorded courses and live events, we help diversify your infoproduct offerings to meet the needs of your target audience.

Over R$5 Million in Revenue Generated:

In conclusion, our approach has already delivered tangible results for our clients, ensuring success in their digital launches.

Who is Karis

We are committed to building strategic partnerships with companies that choose us as their internal team and business partners, striving to achieve significant results in marketing and sales.

Our goal goes beyond providing services or marketing consultancy; we prioritize effective results and long-term partnerships based on trust and commitment.

We believe in the potential of each company and offer personalized solutions and innovative strategies. We act as part of your team, focused on results.


We have a team of specialists dedicated to boosting your business, including:

Meet our CEO, Suelen Alves

Over 20 Years of Experience
in Marketing and Sales

Hello! I’m Suelen Alves, CEO of Karis, and it’s
a pleasure to share a bit of my journey with you.

With more than two decades of experience
in commercial and marketing areas in Brazil
and the USA
, I bring a wealth of knowledge and

Graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in Foreign Trade and holding an MBA in Marketing and Sales, I have constantly sought to improve and specialize in key areas to drive the results of our clients.

In addition to my experience:

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of leading teams, turning challenges into opportunities, and achieving significant results.

From transforming non-revenue-generating client portfolios into R$1 million in a year to turning challenging situations into growth opportunities, every obstacle faced has been an opportunity for learning and growth.

For me, success is measured by the tangible results we deliver to our clients. My purpose is to build strategic partnerships with companies, where Karis isn’t just a service provider, but a true business partner. We prioritize trust, transparency, and mutual commitment in all our relationships.


Karis Method:
Turning Challenges into Opportunities

See how we drive your business towards
success with our strategic digital marketing.

Step One

Understanding Your Needs

We dive into your business to understand your needs and challenges, turning them into strategic opportunities.

Step Two

Strategic Branding Mapping

We conduct essential branding mapping to guide our 360-degree marketing efforts.

Step Three

Specific and Unique Application

We implement customized strategies, covering everything from social media to paid traffic and B2B commercial marketing.

Step Four

Metrics and Continuous Optimization

We monitor result metrics to continuously optimize our marketing strategy.

Any questions?
See if we can answer them below:

What services does Karis offer?

Karis offers a wide range of strategic digital marketing consultancy services, including inbound marketing, outbound marketing, 360 marketing and branding. Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Karis can help your company grow by implementing effective digital marketing strategies, increasing your online visibility, generating qualified leads and converting them into customers. Our results-oriented approach guarantees sustainable and significant growth for your business.

The Karis difference lies in our personalized and strategic approach. We don’t just offer standard services, but tailor-made solutions that are adapted to each client’s unique needs. In addition, our emphasis on tangible results and our strategic partnership with clients set us apart as an elite agency in the market.

The time it takes to see results varies depending on the services and strategies implemented. However, our team works diligently to deliver measurable results as quickly as possible. Generally, our clients start to see improvements in their online presence and lead generation within a few weeks.

To start working with us, simply contact us via our website AT THIS LINK. A member of our team will schedule an initial consultation to understand your needs and objectives. From there, we develop a personalized proposal to help your company achieve success in the digital world.

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