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Real Estate market

We won 9 new potential customers weekly, all of them ready to buy properties in the US with an average ticket of USD 350,000.

Based in Burlington—New Jersey, and founded 8 years ago by a Brazilian-American couple. The client already had excellent recommendations on Google My Business and a good repurchase rate.

Among the difficulties of the business were the generic terms of the area, which made it difficult to carry out a search campaign on Google, and to find people with the desire and financial condition to buy a property that also fit their ideal customer profile.

We went through some strategies to overcome these challenges and help the company grow. And the one that we most had success with was creating a lead magnet with the main points the people need to know to buy a home in the US. Initially, it was developed to reach a top-of-the-funnel audience, but the content was also assertive in the persona’s pains and desires that most of the leads captured were ready to close the deal and actively requested the company’s contact!

By capturing leads on Facebook using paid advertising tools on social networks and with an investment of USD0.57 in some cases, we achieved an average request of 9 contacts every week from potential buyers for Real Estate!

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