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Franchisee of the largest coaching institution in the world

The unit opened in 2018 in Boston and in its first year was highly successful thanks to great “pent-up demand” and strong indication. However, the challenges of a company exploring a completely different market, without preparation, began to emerge.

When we got there, we realized that there was no study of the persona, sales funnel, or market; there was no budget for investment in local marketing or even for brand recognition; didn’t have their own website and the company—who is specialized in selling on-site training, still had to face the pandemic, the lockdown period situation…

To overcome these challenges, our first step was to work on a brand internationalization plan aimed at giving the headquarters greater visibility of the real challenges faced by the franchisee, studying and developing all the essential strategic documentation to support our next actions!

We worked on the implementation of digital marketing strategies such as online events with a sales pitch, lead magnets for lead capture and to start creating a base, marketing automation for lead nurturing and conversion, personalized ads for the local persona, and more.

As a result, the unit that earned around USD 40,000/month reached record numbers of lead capture. They had a peak of USD 400,000 in sales of online training, also achieved the TOP3 company among more than 25 national and international units spread around the world, and also earned USD 900,000 in digital personal development products sold during our first year of operation.